Planning & Installation

A new elevator constitutes a great investment for your building. The proper research and installation are determining factors for its smooth operation.

What you get with us

STAGER has installed more than 5,500 thousand elevators and lifting systems throughout Greece and abroad. Its clientele includes a plethora of demanding projects and high standards in hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, etc.


We install elevators of all types, meeting the technical specifications of any complex construction project: without engine room or well, well with low upper / lower ends, etc.

Our experienced engineers review the specifications of the building, and suggest you the most efficient and economical transportation solution, based on the technical characteristics of the elevator (payload, speed, technology) that best meet your needs.

The know-how of our staff is constantly upgraded through training seminars for all products and models, regardless of the manufacturer. The company has a "Research and Development" department for the construction of modern electrical panels with lower energy consumption.


All electrical and mechanical parts of the elevator are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the European standard EN 81.20 but also of the quality and safety standards for the environment ISO9001: 2015 and ISO14001: 2015 applied by our company.

Our primary goal of STAGER is to guarantee maximum safety, using materials of excellent quality and observing all safety rules required by European Legislation.

The selection of suppliers is done with strict criteria, setting as a basic principle the support of materials with the necessary quality certificates and tests.


For each new elevator installed, a 10 year warranty for the mechanical parts and a 2 year warranty for the consumables are granted.


Upon completion of your elevator installation, STAGER provides you with a complete maintenance and technical support package ensuring the proper and uninterrupted operation of your elevator.

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