Elevator Renovation & Modernization

The elevator renovation upgrades the value of your building, while increasing the level of safety & comfort of the passengers.

What you get with us

Why is it needed?

The elevator, like any mechanical or electrical equipment, after many years of use begins to wear out and needs to be replaced.

Renovation usually takes place when the elevator due to its age, has malfunctions that bother or may even endanger the transport of users.

Other reasons that make it necessary to renovate the elevator are to harmonize it with European standards or simply to upgrade its aesthetics.

What are the benefits?

  • Replace the old parts of the elevators either due damaged due caused by use, or because they do not meet the new specifications set by law.
  • The level of safety & comfort of the elevator users is upgraded
  • The aesthetics of the old booths are improved, which decreases significantly over time.
  • Optimal operation of the elevator is achieved.
  • Elevators that are being renovated have a longer lifespan and do not show frequent failures that increase maintenance costs.
  • Improves the energy efficiency of the elevator: reduction of energy consumption up to 40% in mechanical and up to 30% in hydraulic elevator.
  • The old elevator is certified and its operating license is renewed.

Why choose us ?

The renovation department of STAGER, consists of a team of mechanical engineers and technicians who have extensive experience in high quality projects, and high technical training.

They receive continuous training in technological innovations, and are able to suggest from a technical point of view, the safest and most profitable solution for your elevator.

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